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McNamee S. (2018) Far from “anything goes”: Ethics as communally constructed. Journal of Constructivist Psychology 31(4): 361–368. Fulltext at https://cepa.info/5381
McWilliams S. A. (2018) Who do you think you are? Evolving ethical meaning making. Journal of Constructivist Psychology 31(4): 376–387. Fulltext at https://cepa.info/5382
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Pörksen B. (2014) Konstruktivismus: Medienethische Konsequenzen einer Theorie-Perspektive [Constructivism: Media ethical consequences of a theory perspective]. Springer, Wiesbaden.
Quale A. (2014) Ethics: A Radical-constructivist Approach. Constructivist Foundations 9(2): 256–261. Fulltext at https://cepa.info/1043
Raskin J. D. (2018) Constructivism, ethics, and knowing what’s right: A reply to McNamee, Burr, McWilliams, Osbeck, and Held. Journal of Constructivist Psychology 31(4): 413–419. Fulltext at https://cepa.info/5384
Raskin J. D. & Debany A. E. (2018) The inescapability of ethics and the impossibility of “anything goes”: A constructivist model of ethical meaning making. Journal of Constructivist Psychology 31(4): 343–360. Fulltext at https://cepa.info/5378
Rault C., Molina Garcia S. & Gash H. (2001) Learning difficulties: What types of help. Harmattan, Paris.
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