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Small R. (2003) A fallacy in constructivist epistemology. Journal of Philosophy of Education 37(3): 483–502. Fulltext at https://cepa.info/4246
Stewart-Williams S. (2003) Darwin and Descartes’ demon: On the possible evolutionary origin of belief in an external world. Evolution and Cognition 9: 123–130. Fulltext at https://cepa.info/5317
Varela F. J. (1979) The individual in development and evolution (Chapter 5). In: Varela F. J. (ed.) Principles of biological autonomy. Elsevier North Holland, New York: 30–40. Fulltext at https://cepa.info/4112
Wozniak A. (2005) Is the real world something more than the world of our experience? Relations between Neo-Darwinism, transcendental philosophy and cognitive sciences. In: al G. N. (ed.) Evolutionary Epistemology, Language and Culture. Springer, Dordrecht: 95–108. Fulltext at https://cepa.info/4224
Wuketits F. M. (1992) Adaptation, representation, construction: An issue in evolutionary epistemology. Evolution and Cognition 2: 151–162. Fulltext at https://cepa.info/5526
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