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Fleischaker G. R. (1984) The traditional model for perception and theory of knowledge: Its metaphor and two recent alternatives. Behavioral Science 29(1): 40–50. Fulltext at
Fleischaker G. R. (1988) Autopoiesis: The status of its system logic. BioSystems 22: 37–49. Fulltext at
Fleischaker G. R. (1991) Are osmotic or social systems autopoietic? A reply in the negative. International Journal of General Systems 21: 163–173.
Fleischaker G. R. (1992) It’s not mine and it’s not a dictum. International Journal of General Systems 21(2): 257–258. Fulltext at
Fleischaker G. R. (1992) Questions concerning the ontology of autopoiesis and the limits of its utility. International Journal of General Systems, 21(2): 131–141. Fulltext at
Fleischaker G. R. & Margulis L. (1986) Autopoiesis and the origin of bacteria. Advances in Space Research 6(11): 53–55. Fulltext at
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