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Solari H. G. & Natiello M. A. (2019) A constructivist view of newton’s mechanics. Foundations of Science 24(2): 307–341. Fulltext at
Stewart J. (2001) Radical constructivism in biology and cognitive science. Special Issue “The Impact of Radical Constructivism on Science” edited by Alexander Riegler. Foundations of Science 6(1–3): 99–124. Fulltext at
Van Bendegem J. P. & Van Kerkhove B. (2009) Mathematical arguments in context. Foundations of Science 14(1/2): 45–57. Fulltext at
Waaldijk F. A. (2005) On the foundations of constructive mathematics: Especially in relation to the theory of continuous functions. Foundations of Science 10(3): 249–324.
Ziemke T. (2001) The construction of “reality” in the robot: Constructivist perspectives on situated AI and adaptive robotics. Foundations of Science 6(1): 163–233. Fulltext at
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