Author S. Frenk

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Maturana H. R. & Frenk S. (1963) Directional movement and horizontal edge detectors in the pigeon retina. Science 142(3594): 977–979. Fulltext at
Maturana H. R. & Frenk S. (1965) Synaptic connections of the centrifugal fibers in the pigeon retina. Science 150(3694): 359–361. Fulltext at
Maturana H. R., Uribe R. & Frenk S. (1968) A biological theory of relativistic colour coding in the primate retina. Archiva de Biologia y Medicina Experimentales Suplemento 1: 1–30. Fulltext at
Maturana H. R., Varela F. J. & Frenk S. (1972) Size constancy and the problem of perceptual spaces. Cognition 1(1): 97–104. Fulltext at
Varela F. J. & Frenk S. (1987) The organ of form: Towards a biological theory of shape. Journal of Social and Biological Structures 10(1): 73–83.
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