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Gärtner K. (2017) Conscious experience and experience externalization. In: Hipólito I., Gonçalves J. & Pereira J. G. (eds.) Schizophrenia and Common Sense: Explaining madness and social values. Springer, Cham: 97–112.
Gärtner K. (2017) Privileged access to conscious experience and the transparency thesis. In: Curado M. & Gouveia S. S. (eds.) Philosophy of mind: Contemporary perspectives. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle UK: 414–331.
Gärtner K. & Clowes R. W. (2017) Enactivism, radical enactivism and predictive processing: What is radical in cognitive science? Kairos. Journal of Philosophy & Science 18(1): 54–83. Fulltext at
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