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Gash H. & Glasersfeld E. von (1978) Vico (1668–1744): An early anticipator of radical constructivism. The Irish Journal of Psychology 4(1): 22–32. Fulltext at
Gash H. & Kenny V. (1996) The implementation of a constructivist approach to the resolution of prejudice. Methodologia 16: 2. Fulltext at
Gash H. & McCloughlin T. (2010) Primary and secondary school differences in thinking about science. International Journal of Educational Researchers 1(3): 92–102. Fulltext at
Gash H. & McCloughlin T. (2015) Embedding Technology in Pedagogy. Constructivist Foundations 10(3): 297–298. Fulltext at
Gash H. & Morgan M. (1993) School-based modifications of children’s gender-related beliefs. Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology 14: 277–287. Fulltext at
Gash H. & Murphy F. (2020) Authors’ response: The Ecology of Teaching and Learning. Constructivist Foundations 15(2): 118–121. Fulltext at
Gash H. & Murphy-Lejeune E. (2005) Children's perceptions of other cultures. In: Deegan J., Devine D. & Lodge A. (eds.) Primary voices: Equality diversity and childhood in irish primary schools. Institute of Public Administration, Dublin Ireland: 205–221. Fulltext at
Gash H. & Shine Thompson M. (2002) Constructivism and Celtic spirituality: Beginning a discussion. In: Lasker G. E. (ed.) Advances in sociocybernetics and human development. Volume X. International Institute for Advanced Studies, Windsor ON: 113–118. Fulltext at
Gash H., Guardia Gonzales S., Pires M. & Rault C. (2000) Attitudes towards Down Syndrome: A national comparative study: France, Ireland, Portugal, and Spain. Irish Journal of Psychology 21: 203–214. Fulltext at
Gash H., Romeu N. I. & Pina J. A. L. (2004) Spanish and Irish images of special needs: Perceptions of inclusion. In: Walsh P. N. & Gash H. (eds.) Lives and Times: Practice Policy and People with disability. Wordwell, Dublin: 180–223. Fulltext at
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