Author M. Gastelum Vargas
Melina Gastelum is a physicist and has a PhD in philosophy of the cognitive sciences. She is a professor in the Philosophy Department in UNAM, Mexico, where she studies perception within radical embodied cognitive science, in particular affordances and temporal experience, learning and affectivity within enactivism and ecological psychology theories. Furthermore, she has published about enactive hermeneutics of space and time and phenomenology, and affordances and science, technology and material culture in multicultural environments.

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Gastelum Vargas M. (2020) Bringing Forth Languages: Enacting Humanity. Review of Linguistic Bodies: The Continuity between Life and Language by Ezequiel A. Di Paolo, Elena Clare Cuffari and Hanne De Jaegher. Constructivist Foundations 15(2): 194–198. Fulltext at
Gastelum Vargas M. (2020) The Intrinsic Role of Normativity: Building Umwelt with Affection. Constructivist Foundations 15(3): 218–220. Fulltext at
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