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Hall W. P. (2011) Physical basis for the emergence of autopoiesis, cognition and knowledge. Kororoit Working Paper No. 2. Fulltext at
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Hall W. P., Else S., Martin C. & Philp W. (2011) Time-based frameworks for valuing knowledge: Maintaining strategic knowledge. Kororoit Working Paper No. 1. Fulltext at
Hall W. P., Nousala S., Best R. & Nair S. (2012) Social networking tools for knowledge-based action groups. In: Abraham A. & Hassanien A. E. (eds.) Computational social networks. Part 2: Tools, perspectives and applications. Springer-Verlag, London: 227–255. Fulltext at
Vines R. & Hall W. P. (2011) Exploring the foundations of organizational knowledge. Kororoit Working Paper No. 3. Fulltext at
Vines R., Hall W. P. & McCarthy G. (2010) Textual representations and knowledge support-systems in research intensive networks. In: Cope B., Kalantzis M., Magee L. (ed.) Towards a semantic web: Connecting knowledge in academic research. Chandos Press, Oxford: 145–195. Fulltext at
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