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Katrin Heimann is trained in Philosophy (MA) and Cognitive Neuroscience (MSc, PhD). She is currently assistant professor at the Interacting Minds Center at Aarhus University, where she uses and develops micro-phenomenology alone and in combination with various other qualitative and quantitative methods. While she acts as a consultant and co-researcher, using the method in a range of different fields, her own research focuses on the question of under which circumstances art – alone and in combination with science – can contribute to sustainable individual and societal transformation.

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Fingerhut J. & Heimann K. (2017) Movies and the mind: On our filmic body. In: Durt C., Fuchs T. & Tewes C. (eds.) Embodiment, enaction, and culture: Investigating the constitution of the shared world. MIT Press, Cambridge MA: 353–377. Fulltext at
Heimann K. (2020) About Process and Progress - Suggestions About How to Investigate Subjective Experience Most Ecologically. Constructivist Foundations 15(3): 253–255. Fulltext at
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