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Christian Hennig has been a lecturer at the Department of Statistical Science, University College London since 2005. He studied mathematics and statistics at the University of Hamburg and the University of Dortmund. He worked as a university assistant at the Faculty of Mathematics, University of Hamburg and at the Department of Statistics, ETH Zurich 2001–2003. His main research topics are robust statistics, cluster analysis and classification, statistical modelling in biogeography and foundations of statistics. He has provided statistical consultation in various fields. Hennig is interested in the philosophy of science and particularly constructivist philosophy; he has collaborated with the “Bochumer Arbeitsgruppe für Konstruktivismus und Wirklichkeitsprüfung” since about 1991.

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Hennig C. (2009) A Constructivist View of the Statistical Quantification of Evidence. Constructivist Foundations 5(1): 39–54. Fulltext at
Hennig C. (2010) Mathematical models and reality: A constructivist perspective. Foundations of Science 15(1): 29–48. Fulltext at
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