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Christensen W. D. & Hooker C. A. (2000) An interactivist-constructivist approach to intelligence: Self-directed anticipative learning. Philosophical Psychology 13(1): 5–45. Fulltext at
Christensen W. D. & Hooker C. A. (2000) Anticipation in autonomous systems: Foundations for a theory of embodied agents. International Journal of Computing Anticipatory Systems 5: 135–154.
Christensen W. D. & Hooker C. A. (2000) Autonomy and the emergence of intelligence: Organised interactive construction. Communication and Cognition-Artificial Intelligence 17(3–4): 133–157. Fulltext at
Christensen W. D. & Hooker C. A. (2000) Organised interactive construction: The nature of autonomy and the emergence of intelligence. Communication and Cognition 17(3–4): 133–158.
Collier J. & Hooker C. (1999) Complexly organised dynamical systems. Open Systems and Information Dynamics 6: 241–302.
Hooker C. (2013) On the import of constraints in complex dynamical systems. Foundations of Science 18(4): 757–780. Fulltext at
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