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Gallagher S., Hutto D. D., Slaby J. & Cole J. (2013) The brain as part of an enactive system. Commentary on Schilbach et al., Toward a second-person neuroscience. Behavioral and Brain Sciences 36(4): 421–422. Fulltext at
Hutto D. (2005) Knowing what? Radical versus conservative enactivism. Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences 4(4): 389–405. Fulltext at
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Hutto D. D. (2011) Elementary mind minding, enactivist-style. In: Seemann A. (ed.) Joint attention: New developments in philosophy, psychology, and neuroscience. MIT Press, Cambridge: 307–341. Fulltext at
Hutto D. D. (2011) Philosophy of mind’s new lease on life: Autopoietic enactivism meets teleosemiotics. Journal of Consciousness Studies 18(5–6): 44–64. Fulltext at
Hutto D. D. (2012) Exposing the background: Deep and local. In: Radman Z. (ed.) Knowing without thinking: Mind, action, cognition and the phenomenon of the background. Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke: 37–56.
Hutto D. D. (2012) Truly enactive emotion. Emotion Review 4(2): 176–181. Fulltext at
Hutto D. D. (2013) Enactivism, from a Wittgensteinian point of view. American Philosophical Quarterly 50(3): 281–302.
Hutto D. D. (2013) Exorcising action oriented representations: Ridding cognitive science of its Nazgûl. Adaptive Behavior 21(3): 142–150. Fulltext at
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