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Hutto D. D. & Satne G. (2017) Continuity skepticism in doubt: A radically enactive take. In: Durt C., Fuchs T. & Tewes C. (eds.) Embodiment, enaction, and culture: Investigating the constitution of the shared world. MIT Press, Cambridge MA: 107–127. Fulltext at
Hutto D. D., Kirchhoff M. D. & Abrahamson D. (2015) The enactive roots of STEM: Rethinking educational design in mathematics. Educational Psychology Review 27(3): 371–389. Fulltext at
Hutto D. D., Myin E., Peeters A. & Zahnoun F. (2018) The cognitive basis of computation: Putting computation in its place. In: Sprevak M. & Colombo M. (eds.) The Routledge handbook of the computational mind. Routledge, London: 272–282. Fulltext at
Hutto D., Gallagher S., Hipólito I. & Ilundáin-Agurruza J. (2020) Culture in mind – An enactivist account: Not cognitive penetration but cultural permeation. In: Kirmayer L. J., Kitayama S., Worthman C. M., Lemelson R. & Cummings C. A. (eds.) Culture, mind, and brain: Emerging concepts, models, applications. Cambridge University Press, New York: 163–187.
Hutto D., Kirchhoff M. & Myin E. (2014) Extensive enactivism: Why keep it all in? Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 8: 706. Fulltext at
Kirchhoff M. D. & Hutto D. D. (2016) Authors’ Response: Mind Never The Gap, Redux. Constructivist Foundations 11(2): 370–374. Fulltext at
Kirchhoff M. D. & Hutto D. D. (2016) Never Mind the Gap: Neurophenomenology, Radical Enactivism, and the Hard Problem of Consciousness. Constructivist Foundations 11(2): 346–353. Fulltext at
Segundo-Ortin M. & Hutto D. D. (2019) Similarity-based cognition: radical enactivism meets cognitive neuroscience. Synthese Online first. Fulltext at
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