Author M. Johnson

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Johnson M. (1998) Embodied musical meaning. Theory and Practice 22/23: 95–102. Fulltext at
Johnson M. & Leydesdorff L. (2015) Beer’s Viable System Model and Luhmann’s Communication Theory: ‘Organizations’ from the Perspective of Metagames. Systems Research and Behavioral Science 32(3): 266–282. Fulltext at
Johnson M. & Rohrer T. (2007) We are living creatures: Embodiment, American pragmatism, and the cognitive organism. In: Zlatev J., Ziemke T., Frank R. & Dirven R. (eds.) Body, language, and mind. Volume 1. Mouton de Gruyter, Berlin: 17–54.
Simons J. S., Garrison J. R. & Johnson M. K. (2017) Brain mechanisms of reality monitoring. Trends in cognitive sciences 21(6): 462–473. Fulltext at
Westermann G., Mareschal D., Johnson M. H., Sirois S., Spratling M. W. & Thomas M. S. (2007) Neuroconstructivism. Developmental Science 10(1): 75–83. Fulltext at
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