Author G. Kampis

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Csányi V. & Kampis G. (1985) Autogenesis: The evolution of replicative systems. Journal of Theoretical Biology 114(2): 303–321. Fulltext at
Kampis G. (1986) Biological information as a system description. In: Trappl R. (ed.) Cybernetics and Systems ’86. Reidel, Dordrecht: 39–46. Fulltext at
Kampis G. (1995) Computability, self-reference, and self-amendment. Special Issue on Self-Reference in Biological and Cognitive Systems Communication and Cognition – Artificial Intelligence 12(1–2): 91–109. Fulltext at
Kampis G. (1995) The inside and outside views of life. In: Moran F., Moreno A., Merelo J. J. & Chaco P. (eds.) Advances in artificial life. Springer, Berlin: 95–102. Fulltext at
Kampis G. & Csányi V. (1991) Life, self-reproduction and information: Beyond the machine metaphor. Journal of Theoretical Biology 148(1): 17–32.
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