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Bio: Florian Klauser is an alumnus of the Laboratory for Empirical Phenomenology (Center for Cognitive Science, Faculty of Education) at the University of Ljubljana. Trained in cognitive science (MSc) and philosophy (PhD), he practices empirical phenomenology – specifically the method of second-person in-depth phenomenological inquiry, which he helped develop. His primary research interest is in the experience of belief/knowledge enaction in particular and cognitive phenomenology in general. Outside of his own research, he participates as a trained co-researcher in various empirical phenomenological studies, both as interviewee and interviewer.

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Klauser F. (2021) Vividness, Conceptual Knowledge, and Perceptual Presenting. Constructivist Foundations 16(3): 314–316. Fulltext at
Kordeš U. & Klauser F. (2016) Second-person in-depth phenomenological inquiry as an approach for studying enaction of beliefs. Interdisciplinary Description of Complex Systems 14(4): 369–377. Fulltext at
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