Author C. D. Laughlin

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Laughlin C. D. (2013) Consciousness and the commons: A cultural neurophenomenology of mind states, landscapes, and common property. Time and Mind 6(3): 287–312.
Laughlin C. D. & Rock A. J. (2013) Neurophenomenology: Enhancing the experimental and cross-cultural study of brain and experience. In: Editor (ed.) The Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Transpersonal Psychology. PUBLISHER, PLACE: 261–280. Fulltext at
Laughlin C. D. & Throop C. J. (2006) Cultural neurophenomenology: Integrating experience, culture and reality through Fisher information. Culture & Psychology 12(3): 305–337.
Laughlin C. D. & Throop C. J. (2008) Continuity, causation and cyclicity: A cultural neurophenomenology of time-consciousness. Time and Mind 1(2): 159–186.
Laughlin C. D. & Throop C. J. (2009) Husserlian meditations and anthropological reflections: Toward a cultural neurophenomenology of experience and reality. Anthropology of Consciousness 20(2): 130–170.
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