Author S. Lerman

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Lerman S. (1989) Constructivism, mathematics and mathematics education. Educational Studies in Mathematics 20(2): 211–223. Fulltext at
Lerman S. (1992) The function of language in radical constructivism: A Vygotslcian perspective. Proceedings of Sixteenth Meeting of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education. Durham, New Hampshire: 40–47.
Lerman S. (1994) Articulating theories of mathematics learning. In: Ernest E. (ed.) Constructing mathematical knowledge: Epistemology and mathematics education. Falmer Press, London: 44–53. Fulltext at
Lerman S. (1996) Intersubjectivity in mathematics learning: A challenge to the radical constructivist paradigm? Journal for Research in Mathematics Education 27(2): 133–150. Fulltext at
Lerman S. (1998) A response to Steffe’s reply to Lerman on Intersubjectivity: A case of interpretations of ‘social’. Chreods 13: 3. Fulltext at
Sierpinska A. & Lerman S. (1996) Epistemologies of mathematics and mathematics education. In: Bishop A. J., Clements M. A., Keital C., Kilpatric J. & Laborde C. (eds.) International handbook of mathematics education. Springer, PLACE: 827–876.
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