Author G. F. Luger

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Lewis J. A. & Luger G. F. (2000) A constructivist model of robot perception and performance. In: Gleitman L. R. & Joshi A. K. (eds.) Proceedings of the Twenty-Second Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society, 13–15 August 2000. Institute for Research in Cognitive Science, University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia PA: 788–793. Fulltext at
Luger G. F. (2021) A constructivist rapprochement and an epistemic stance. Chapter 7 in: Knowing our world: An artificial intelligence perspective. Springer, Cham: 175–188. Fulltext at
Luger G. F., Lewis J. & Stern C. (2002) Problem solving as model refinement: Towards a constructivist epistemology. Brain, Behavior and Evolution 59(1–2): 87–100. Fulltext at
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