Author M. J. Mahoney

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Mahoney M. J. (1988) Constructive metatheory: I. Basic features and historical foundations. International Journal of Personal Construct Psychology 1: 1–35. Fulltext at
Mahoney M. J. (1989) Holy epistemology! Construing the constructions of the constructivists. Canadian Psychology 30(2): 187–188. Fulltext at
Mahoney M. J. (1995) The psychological demands of being a constructive psychotherapist. In: Neimeyer R. A. & Mahoney M. J. (eds.) Constructivism in psychotherapy. American Psychological Association, Washington DC: 385–399.
Mahoney M. J. (2002) Constructivism and positive psychology [Representations: External memory and technical artefacts]. In: Snyder C. R. & Lopez S. J. (eds.) Handbook of positive psychology. Oxford University Press, New York: 745–750.
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