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Antonino Marcianò joined as Associate Professor the Department of Physics at Fudan University in January 2014, becoming a member of the theory and high-energy division. Previously a post-doctoral researcher at Princeton University and Dartmouth College, he was studying models for cosmological inflation and CMBR physics, currently his main topics of research. In the USA, he also continued focusing on the Wilson-loop approach to Quantum Cosmology and Quantum Gravity, learnt while working at Aix-Marseille University, soon after his PhD at Sapienza University of Rome. His current research also encompasses the implementation in condensed-matter physics of mathematical tools borrowed from quantum gravity, as an attempt to address dynamics on lattice structures, including graphene
Marcianò A. (2017) “Eigenforms, Interfaces and Holographic Encoding”: Their Relation to the Information Loss Paradox for Black Holes and Quantum Gravity. Constructivist Foundations 12(3): 283–284. Fulltext at

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