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McInerney R. G. (2010) Oz never did give nothing to the… scarecrow: Neurophenomenology and critical pedagogy. [Constructivism in media research: Concepts, criticism, consequences] Phenomenology and Practice 4(1): 68–87. Fulltext at
McInerney R. G. (2013) Neurophenomenological praxis: Its applications to learning and pedagogy. In: Gordon S. (ed.) Neurophenomenology and its applications to psychology. Springer, New York: 25–60. Fulltext at
McInerney R. G. & Walker M. M. (2002) Toward a method of neurophenomenological assessment and intervention. [Constructivism in media research: Concepts, criticism, consequences] Humanistic Psychologist 30(3): 180–192. Fulltext at
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