Author S. A. McWilliams

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McWilliams S. A. (2009) Interdependence, essence, and conventional reality: Middle way Buddhist and constructivist perspectives. In: Leitner L. M. & Thomas J. C. (eds.) Personal constructivism: Theory and applications. Pace University Press, New York: 365–383.
McWilliams S. A. (2009) Taking pictures versus making art: A personal construal of creative photography. Personal Construct Theory & Practice 6: 21–33. Fulltext at
McWilliams S. A. (2009) William James’ pragmatism and personal construct psychology. Personal Construct Theory & Practice 6: 109–118. Fulltext at
McWilliams S. A. (2010) Inherent self, invented self, empty self: Constructivism, buddhism, and psychotherapy. Counseling and Values 55: 79–100.
McWilliams S. A. (2016) Cultivating constructivism: Inspiring intuition and promoting process and pragmatism. Journal of Constructivist Psychology 29(1): 1–29.
McWilliams S. A. (2018) Who do you think you are? Evolving ethical meaning making. Journal of Constructivist Psychology 31(4): 376–387. Fulltext at
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