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Maël Montévil is a theoretical biologist, working at the crossroads of experimental biology, mathematics and philosophy of science. He is especially interested in the theoretical foundations of biology, and the role that mathematics can play in biology, which he approaches by a critical comparison with the situation in physics. His work also includes empirical research on morphometry and endocrine disruptors. He recently started to use his theoretical perspective to better understand and respond to the challenges of the Anthropocene. Most of his papers can be found on his website:

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Montévil M. (2018) A Few Pending Challenges from the Perspective of a Theory of Organisms. Constructivist Foundations 13(3): 377–379. Fulltext at
Montévil M. & Mossio M. (2015) Biological organisation as closure of constraints. Journal of Theoretical Biology 372: 179–191. Fulltext at
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