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Vaas R. (2000) It Binds, Therefore I Am! Review of Rodolfo Llinás’ “I of the Vortex”. Journal of Consciousness Studies 8(4): 85–88. Fulltext at https://cepa.info/4727
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Varela F. J. (1999) A dimly perceived horizon: The complex meeting ground between lived and physical time. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 879: 143–154. Fulltext at https://cepa.info/2028
Varela F. J. (1999) The specious present: The neurophenomenology of time consciousness. In: Petitot J., Varela F. J., Pachoud B. & Roy J. M. (eds.) Naturalizing phenomenology: Issues in contemporary phenomenology and cognitive science. Stanford University Press, Stanford CA: 266–314. Fulltext at https://cepa.info/2081
Varela F. J. (2002) Consciousness in the neurosciences: A conversation with Sergio Benvenuto. Journal of European Psychoanalysis 14: 109–122. Fulltext at https://cepa.info/4363
Varela F. J. (2002) Upwards and downwards causation in the brain: Case studies on the emergence and efficacy of consciousness. In: Yasue K. & Jibu M. (eds.) No matter, never mind: Proceedings of Toward a Science of Consciousness: Fundamental approaches, Tokyo 1999. Benjamin Publishers, Amsterdam: 95–108. Fulltext at https://cepa.info/2042
Varela F. J. & Coutinho A. (1991) Immuknowledge: Learning mechanisms of somatic individuation. In: Brockman J. (ed.) Doing science. Prentice-Hall, New York: 237–256. Fulltext at https://cepa.info/1963
Varela F. J. & Singer W. (1987) Neuronal dynamics in the visual cortico-thalamic pathway as revealed through binocular rivalry. Experimental Brain Research 66(1): 10–20.
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