Author M. Niaz

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Niaz M. (1991) Role of the epistemic subject in Piaget’s genetic epistemology and its importance for science education. Journal of Research in Science Teaching 28(7): 569–580.
Niaz M. (1993) If Piaget’s epistemic subject is dead, shail we bury the scientific research methodology of idealization? Journal of Research in Science Teaching 30(7): 809–812.
Niaz M. (2001) Understanding nature of science as progressive transitions in heuristic principles. Science Education 85(6): 684–690. Fulltext at
Niaz M. (2008) Whither constructivism? A chemistry teachers’ perspective. Teaching and Teacher Education 24(2): 400–416.
Niaz M., Abd-El-Khalick F., Benarroch A., Cardellini L., Laburú C. E., Marín N., Montes L. A., Nola R., Orlik Y., Scharmann L. C. & Tsai C. C. (2003) Constructivism: Defense or a Continual Critical Appraisal. A Response to Gil-Pérez et al. Science & Education 12: 787–797. Fulltext at
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