Author H. H. Pattee

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Pattee H. H. (1978) Biological systems theory: Descriptive and constructive complementarity. In: Klir G. J. (ed.) Applied general systems research. Plenum, New York: 511–520. Fulltext at
Pattee H. H. (1978) The complementarity principle in biological and social structures. Journal of Social and Biological Structures 1(2): 191–200.
Pattee H. H. (2008) Physical and functional conditions for symbols, codes, and languages. Biosemiotics 1(2): 147–168. Fulltext at
Pattee H. H. & Kull K. (2009) A biosemiotic conversation: Between physics and semiotics. Sign Systems Studies 37(1/2): 311–331. Fulltext at
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