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Alrøe H. F. & Noe E. (2014) Second-Order Science of Interdisciplinary Research: A Polyocular Framework for Wicked Problems. Constructivist Foundations 10(1): 65–76. Fulltext at https://cepa.info/1166
Becerra G. & Castorina J. A. (2016) Una mirada social y política de la ciencia en la epistemología constructivista de Rolando García [A socio-political view of the science in Rolando García’s constructivist epistemology]. Ciencia. docencia y tecnología 27(52): 329–350. Fulltext at https://cepa.info/4531
Bitbol M. (2002) Science as if situation mattered. Phenomenology and the Cognitive Science 1: 181–224. Fulltext at https://cepa.info/4373
Camilleri K. (2014) Toward a constructivist epistemology of thought experiments in science. Synthese 191(8): 1697–1716. Fulltext at https://cepa.info/4564
de Jong H. L. (2001) Introduction: A symposium on explanatory pluralism. Theory & Psychology 11(6): 731–735.
Diettrich O. (1991) Induction and evolution of cognition and science. Philosophica 47(2): 81–109. Fulltext at https://cepa.info/5156
Diettrich O. (1994) Is there a theory of everything? Bulletin of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications 80: 166–170. Fulltext at https://cepa.info/5339
Dupré J. (2004) What’s the fuss about social constructivism? Episteme 1(1): 73–85.
Glasersfeld E. von (1996) The limits of science (Letter). Academe March/April: 3–4. Fulltext at https://cepa.info/1471
Glasersfeld E. von (2001) Stellungnahme eines Konstruktivisten zur Wissenschaft [A constructivist’s perspective on science]. In: Hug T. (ed.) Einführung in die Wissenschaftstheorie und Wissenschaftsforschung. Schneider Verlag, Hohengehren: 34–47.
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