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Stefano Poletti, a psychologist, is especially interested in phenomenology and contemplative studies. During his PhD in Social Sciences, he developed qualitative research on Mindfulness-based Intervention with cancer and epileptic patients in order to explore its interaction and meaning in chronic suffering. To this end, he deepened patients’ metaphysical worldviews after mindfulness programs, exploring in the meantime the soteriological conception of Buddhist expert meditators with respect to pain and existential suffering.

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Abdoun O., Fucci E. & Poletti S. (2021) Guiding Principles for Methodological Integrity and Epistemological Consistency in Mixed Methods Studies. Constructivist Foundations 16(2): 229–232. Fulltext at
Khachouf O. T., Poletti S. & Pagnoni G. (2013) The embodied transcendental: A Kantian perspective on neurophenomenology. Frontiers in Human Neurosciences 7: 611. Fulltext at
Poletti S. (2017) The Transcendental Character of Temporality and the Buddhist Contribution to Time-Consciousness. Constructivist Foundations 13(1): 107–109. Fulltext at
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