Author W. T. Powers

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Powers W. T. (1973) Feedback: Beyond behaviorism. Science 179(4071): 351–356. Fulltext at
Powers W. T. (1974) Applied epistemology. In: Smock C. D. & Glasersfeld E. (eds.) Epistemology and education. Follow Through Publications, Athens GA: 84–98. Fulltext at
Powers W. T. (1974) Some cybernetics and some psychology. ASC Forum 6(4): 4–9. Fulltext at
Powers W. T. (1988) An outline of control theory. In: Donaldson R. E. (ed.) Texts in cybernetic theory. American Society for Cybernetics, Felton CA: 1–32. Fulltext at
Powers W. T. (2008) Living control systems III: The fact of control. Benchmark Publications, Bloomfield NJ.
Powers W. T. & Glasersfeld E. von (1986) A control conversation. Continuing the Conversation 7: 3–4. Fulltext at
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