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Chetan Prakash
PhD Mathematical Physics, Cornell University 1982, has published, with Bruce Bennett and Donald Hoffman, the book Observer Theory. His current research intends to elaborate a theory that shows how consciousness gives rise to the “physical” world as our interface with reality – as against the idea that brains produce consciousness. As this “reverse hard problem of consciousness” is a view by no means standard in the scientific community, he has used rigorous mathematical analyses to demonstrate the falsity of the commonly held belief that evolution has led us to perceive an “objective” reality with ever-increasing accuracy.

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Fields C., Hoffman D. D., Prakash C. & Prentner R. (2017) Authors’ Response: Boundaries, Encodings and Paradox: What Models Can Tell Us About Experience. Constructivist Foundations 12(3): 284–291. Fulltext at
Fields C., Hoffman D. D., Prakash C. & Prentner R. (2017) Eigenforms, Interfaces and Holographic Encoding: Toward an Evolutionary Account of Objects and Spacetime. Constructivist Foundations 12(3): 265–274. Fulltext at
Hoffman D. D., Singh M. & Prakash C. (2015) Probing the interface theory of perception: Reply to commentaries. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review 22(6): 1551–1576. Fulltext at
Hoffman D. D., Singh M. & Prakash C. (2015) The interface theory of perception. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review 22(6): 1480–1506. Fulltext at
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