Author G. J. B. Probst

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Ben-Eli M. U. & Probst G. J. B. (1986) The way you look determines what you see or self-organization in management and society. In: Trappl R. (ed.) Cybernetics and Systems ’86. Reidel, Dordrecht: 277–284. Fulltext at
Gomez P. & Probst G. J. B. (1985) Organisationelle Geschlossenheit im Management sozialer Institutionen – ein komplementäres Konzept zu den Kontingenz-Ansätzen. Delfin V: 22–29. Fulltext at
Gomez P. & Probst G. J. B. (1989) Organizational closure in management: A Complementary view to contingency approaches. Cybernetics and Systems 20(4): 311–320. Fulltext at
Probst G. J. B. (1985) Some cybernetic principles for the design, control, and development of social systems. Cybernetics and Systems 16(2–3): 171–180. Fulltext at
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