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Brigitte Römmer-Nossek studied Brain and Cognitive Science Science in Vienna, Manchester and Zurich with a focus on philosophy of science and systemic neuroscience. She worked on the conceptualisation and interaction design of online games (private sector) and social software (research). Together with Markus Peschl, she led the development of the joint MEi:CogSci programme. Currently, she is working at the University of Vienna’s Center for Teaching and Learning in counseling and the development of study programmes and teaching in MEi:CogSci and in the master programme, “Gifted Education” at the Danube University, Krems, Austria.
Zimmermann E., Peschl M. F. & Römmer-Nossek B. (2010) Constructivist Curriculum Design for the Interdisciplinary Study Programme MEi:CogSci – A Case Study. Constructivist Foundations 5(3): 144–157. Fulltext at

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