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Vincenzo Raimondi is postdoctoral associated member of LIAS–IMM, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Paris. Developing Maturana’s notion of languaging, his current research focuses on of the constitutive relation between interaction, language, and sociality and its implications for ontogenesis and phylogenesis.

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Cowley S. J. & Raimondi V. (2014) Social Systems: Unearthing the Big Picture. Constructivist Foundations 9(2): 179–181. Fulltext at
Raimondi V. (2014) Social interaction, languaging and the operational conditions for the emergence of observing. Frontiers in Psychology 5: 899. Fulltext at
Raimondi V. (2017) Origines du langage et hominisation dans la perspective du languaging [The origins of language: Hominization and languaging]. Intellectica 68(2): 123–139. Fulltext at
Raimondi V. (2019) The bio-logic of languaging and its epistemological background. Language Sciences 71: 19–26. Fulltext at
Raimondi V. (2019) The role of languaging in human evolution: An approach based on the theory of natural drift. Chinese Semiotic Studies 15(4): 675–696. Fulltext at
Raimondi V. (2021) Autopoiesis and evolution: The role of organisms in natural drift. Adaptive Behavior 29(5): 511–522. Fulltext at
Raimondi V. (2022) La matrice operazionale del languaging: Un approccio radicalmente relazionale del linguaggio [The operational matrix of languaging: A radically relational understanding of language]. Rivista Italiana di Filosofia del Linguaggio 15(2): 49–58. Fulltext at
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