Author M. J. D. Ramstead
Maxwell Ramstead is the Director of Research at the VERSES Research Lab. Ramstead is also an Honorary Fellow at the Wellcome Centre for Human Neuroimaging. His research focuses on the free-energy principle, Bayesian mechanics, multiscale formulations of active inference, and computational phenomenology.

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Badcock P. B., Friston K. J. & Ramstead M. J. D. (2019) The hierarchically mechanistic mind: A free-energy formulation of the human psyche. Physics of Life Reviews 1: 1–1. Fulltext at
Kirmayer L. J. & Ramstead M. J. D. (2017) Embodiment and enactment in cultural psychiatry. In: Durt C., Fuchs T. & Tewes C. (eds.) Embodiment, enaction, and culture: Investigating the constitution of the shared world. MIT Press, Cambridge MA: 397–422. Fulltext at
Ramstead M. J. D. & Friston K. J. (2022) Extended Plastic Inevitable. Constructivist Foundations 17(3): 238–240. Fulltext at
Ramstead M. J. D., Kirchhoff M. D. & Friston K. J. (2020) A tale of two densities: Active inference is enactive inference. Adaptive Behavior 28(4): 225–239. Fulltext at
Ramstead M. J. D., Kirchhoff M. D., Constant A. & Friston K. J. (2021) Multiscale integration: Beyond internalism and externalism. Synthese 198(S1): 41–70. Fulltext at
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