Author A. Reichel

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Paucar-Caceres A., Harnden R. & Reichel A. (2011) Autopoiesis, systems thinking and systemic practice: The contribution of Francisco Varela. Systems Research and Behavioral Science 28: 571–574. Fulltext at
Reichel A. (2011) Snakes all the Way Down: Varela’s Calculus for Self-Reference and the Praxis of Paradise. Systems Research and Behavioral Science 28(6): 646–662. Fulltext at
Reichel A. (2017) From hardware to hardcore: Formalizing systems with form theory. International Journal of Systems and Society 4(1): 37–48. Fulltext at
Reichel A. (2017) Shape of things to come: From the “laws of form” to management in the post-growth economy. Ephermera: Theory and Politics in Organization 17(1): 89–118. Fulltext at
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