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Kolchinsky A. & Rocha L. M. (2011) Prediction and modularity in dynamical systems. In: Lenaerts T., Giacobini M., Bersini H., Bourgine P., Dorigo M. & Doursat R. (eds.) Advances in artificial life. Proceedings of the Eleventh European conference on the synthesis and simulation of living systems (ECAL 2011). MIT Press, Cambridge MA: 423–430. Fulltext at
Rocha L. M. (1995) Artificial semantically closed objects. Special Issue on Self-Reference in Biological and Cognitive Systems Communication and Cognition – Artificial Intelligence 12(1–2): 63–90. Fulltext at
Rocha L. M. (1996) Eigenbehavior and symbols. Systems Research 13(3): 371-384. Fulltext at
Rocha L. M. (1998) Selected self-organization and the semiotics of evolutionary systems. In: Van de Vijver G., Salthe S. & Delpos M. (eds.) Evolutionary systems: Biological and epistemological perspectives on selection and self-organization. Kluwer, Dordrecht: 341–358. Fulltext at
Rocha L. M. (2000) Syntactic autonomy: Why there is no autonomy without symbols and how self-organizing systems might evolve them. In: Chandler J. & Van de Vijver G. (eds.) Closure: Emergent organizations and their dynamics. New York Academy of Sciences, New York: 207–223.
Rocha L. M. (2001) Adaptive recommendation and open‐ended semiosis. Kybernetes 30(5/6): 821–854.
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