Author R. Rupert

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Rupert R. (2004) Challenges to the hypothesis of extended cognition. Journal of Philosophy 101(8): 389–428.
Rupert R. (2011) Embodiment, consciousness, and the massively representational mind. Philosophical Topics 39(1): 99–120. Fulltext at
Rupert R. D. (2015) Embodiment, consciousness, and neurophenomenology: Embodied cognitive science puts the (first) person in its place. Journal of Consciousness Studies 22(3–4): 148–180. Fulltext at
Rupert R. D. (2016) Triple review of Enaction, Radical Embodied Cognitive Science, and The New Science of the Mind. Mind 125: 209–228. Fulltext at
Rupert R. D. (2018) Representation and mental representation. Philosophical Explorations 21(2): 204–225.
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