Author T. Schönwälder-Kuntzeönwälder-kuntze-t
Tatjana Schönwälder-Kuntze is Professor of Philosophy at the LMU Munich. Her research is focusing more and more on post-structuralist practical philosophy, especially with reference to theory building, its grounding and the question of complete inclusion. Historically, she is interested in modern philosophy subsequent to Kant, with “excursions” to St. Aquinas and Descartes. Her books include a study on Sartre’s moral philosophy, Authentische Freiheit (2001), a commentary to George Spencer Brown’s Laws of Form (2nd edition, 2009), a study on Kant’s theory building, Freiheit als Norm? (2010) and recently, Philosophische Methoden zur Einführung (Second edition, 2016).
Schönwälder-Kuntze T. (2016) Remarks From a Continental Philosophy Point of View. Constructivist Foundations 11(3): 497–499. Fulltext at

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