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Dylan van der Schyff is a performing musician and a researcher in systematic musicology and music education. His scholarly work explores questions related to how and why music and the arts are meaningful for human beings, with a special focus on phenomenology and 4E cognition. As a performer, he has appeared on over 100 recordings, spanning the fields of jazz, free improvisation, sound art, experimental

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Schyff D. (2017) Refining the Model for Emotion Research: A 4E Perspective. Constructivist Foundations 12(2): 227–229. Fulltext at
van der Schyff D. & Schiavio A. (2017) Evolutionary musicology meets embodied cognition: Biocultural coevolution and the enactive origins of human musicality. Frontiers in Neuroscience 11: 519. Fulltext at
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