Author M. Segundo-Ortin

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Peeters A. & Segundo-Ortin M. (2019) Misplacing memories? An enactive approach to the virtual memory palace. Consciousness and Cognition 76: 102834.
Segundo-Ortin M. (2018) Review Evolving Enactivism. Teorema: Revista internacional de filosofía 37(1): 123–129. Fulltext at
Segundo-Ortin M. (2020) Agency From a Radical Embodied Standpoint: An Ecological-Enactive Proposal. Frontiers in Psychology 11: 1319–10. Fulltext at
Segundo-Ortin M. & Hutto D. D. (2019) Similarity-based cognition: radical enactivism meets cognitive neuroscience. Synthese Online first. Fulltext at
Segundo-Ortin M., Heras-Escribano M. & Raja V. (2019) Ecological psychology is radical enough: A reply to radical enactivists. Philosophical Psychology 32(7): 1001–1023. Fulltext at
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