Author D. Silverman
David Silverman is a postdoctoral researcher working as part of J. Kevin O’Regan’s ERC funded project, FEEL. His work focuses on defending and developing the philosophical component of the sensorimotor approach to perception and consciousness.

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Silverman D. (2013) Sensorimotor enactivism and temporal experience. Adaptive Behavior 21(3): 151–158.
Silverman D. (2016) Representationalism and the Sensorimotor Theory. Constructivist Foundations 11(2): 282–284. Fulltext at
Villalobos M. & Silverman D. (2017) Extended functionalism, radical enactivism. Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences, online first. Fulltext at
Ward D., Silverman D. & Villalobos M. (2017) Introduction: The varieties of enactivism. Topoi 36(3): 365–375. Fulltext at
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