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Lawson A. E. & Staver J. R. (1989) Toward a solution of the learning paradox: Emergent properties and neurological principles of constructivism. Instructional Science 18(3): 169–177.
Staver J. R. (1994) Constructing concepts of constructivism with elementary teachers. In: Schafer L. (ed.) Behind the methods class door. ERIC, Columbus OH: 109–117.
Staver J. R. (1995) Scientific research and oncoming vehicles: Can radical constructivists embrace one and dodge the other?. Journal of Research in Science Teaching 32(10): 1125–1128. Fulltext at
Staver J. R. (1998) Constructivism: Sound theory for explicating the practice of science and science teaching. Journal of Research in Science Teaching 35: 501–520. Fulltext at
Staver J. R. (2010) Skepticism, truth as coherence, and constructivist epistemology: Grounds for resolving the discord between science and religion?. Cultural Studies of Science Education 5(1): 19–39. Fulltext at
Staver J. R. (2012) Constructivism and realism: Dueling paradigms. In: Fraser B. J., Tobin K. & McRobbie C. J. (eds.) Second international handbook of science education. Springer, Dordrecht: 1017–1028. Fulltext at
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