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Stewart J. (2017) What Is It Like to Be Conscious? Towards Solving the Hard Problem. Constructivist Foundations 12(2): 155–156. Fulltext at
Stewart J. (2018) Lived Experience: Past and Present. Constructivist Foundations 13(2): 237–238. Fulltext at
Stewart J. (2018) The anthropocene: Where are we going?. In: Loeve S., Guchet X. & Bensaude Vincent B. (eds.) French philosophy of technology: Classical readings and contemporary approaches. Springer, Cham: 227–235. Fulltext at
Stewart J. (2019) Afterword: A view from enaction. Language Sciences 71: 68–73. Fulltext at
Stewart J. (2019) Neurophenomenology, enaction, and autopoïesis. In: Palermo S. & Morese R. (eds.) Behavioral Neuroscience. IntechOpen, London. Fulltext at
Stewart J. & Andreewsky E. (1992) From information to autonomy: Analogies between biology and the language sciences. Kybernetes 21(5): 15–32. Fulltext at
Stewart J. & Coutinho A. (2004) The affirmation of self: A new perspective on the immune system. Artificial Life 10: 261–276. Fulltext at
Stewart J. & Gapenne O. (2004) Reciprocal modelling of active perception of 2-D forms in a simple tactile-vision substitution system [Representations: External memory and technical artefacts]. Minds and Machines 14(3): 309–330. Fulltext at
Stewart J. & Havelange V. (2015) Cognition humaine individuelle et collective: Le cas de la crise écologique [Individual and Collective Human Intelligence: The Case of the Ecological Crisis]. Intellectica 64: 77–86. Fulltext at
Stewart J. & Mossio M. (2007) Is “life” computable? On the simulation of closure under efficient causation. In: E. D. (ed.) Proceedings of the 4th international conference on enactive interfaces (ENACTIVE/07). Association ACROE, Grenoble: 271–276.
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