Author G. Stojanov
Georgi Stojanov obtained his PhD degree in computer science and AI from UKIM University in Skopje, Macedonia in 1997 on “Anticipation theory and electro-expectograms in the context of biological and machine intelligence.” His research interests include: interactivism and constructivism; cognitive development and creativity; analogy and metaphor. He was a visiting scholar at the University of Trieste, Italy, Les Archives Jean Piaget in Geneva, Université de Versailles-Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines in Paris, and at the Institute for Non-linear Science, UCSD. As of 2005, he is an associate professor at the American University of Paris.
Stojanov G. (2013) Anticipatory? Yes. Constructivist? Maybe. Constructivist Foundations 9(1): 61–62. Fulltext at

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