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Heras-Escribano M. (2019) Pragmatism, enactivism, and ecological psychology: Towards a unified approach to post-cognitivism. Synthese Online First. Fulltext at
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Kirchhoff M. (2018) Predictive brains and embodied, enactive cognition: An introduction to the special issue. Synthese 195(6): 2355–2366. Fulltext at
Kirchhoff M. D. (2018) Autopoiesis, free energy and the life-mind continuity thesis. Synthese 195(6): 2519–2540. Fulltext at
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Korbak T. (2019) Computational enactivism under the free energy principle. Synthese Online first. Fulltext at
Krueger J. (2019) Enactivism, other minds, and mental disorders. Synthese Online first. Fulltext at
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