Author K. S. Taber

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Taber K. S. (2009) Progressing science education: Constructing the scientific research programme into the contingent nature of learning science. Springer, Dordrecht.
Taber K. S. (2012) Constructivism as educational theory: Contingency in learning, and optimally guided instruction. In: Hassaskhah J. (ed.) Educational theory. Nova, New York: 39–61.
Taber K. S. (2013) Modelling learners and learning in science education: Developing representations of concepts, conceptual structure and conceptual change to inform teaching and research. Springer, Dordrecht.
Taber K. S. (2014) Student thinking and learning in science: Perspectives on the nature and development of learners' ideas. Routledge, New York.
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