Author A. Tauber
Alfred Tauber recently retired from Boston University as Director Emeritus of the Center for Philosophy and History of Science. Aside from his research on the biochemistry of the acute inflammatory response, with studies ranging from free radical chemistry to activation mechanisms of phagocytes, Tauber has published extensively on 19th and 20th century biomedicine, contemporary science studies, and ethics. Most notably, he is the author of numerous philosophical critiques and historical studies of immunology, including The Immune Self (Cambridge 1994) and (with Scott Podolsky) The Generation of Diversity (Harvard 1997). In 2008, he was the recipient of the Science Medal awarded by the University of Bologna, and in 2011 he was awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Haifa.
Tauber A. (2011) The Cognitivist Paradigm 20 Years Later. Commentary on Nelson Vaz. Constructivist Foundations 6(3): 342–351. Fulltext at

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