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Silverman J. & Thompson P. W. (2008) Toward a framework for the development of mathematical knowledge for teaching. Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education 11: 499–511. Fulltext at
Steffe L. P. & Thompson P. W. (2000) Interaction or intersubjectivity? A reply to Lerman. Journal for Research in Mathematics Education 31(2): 191–209. Fulltext at
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Thompson P. W. (1982) Were lions to speak, we wouldn’t understand. The Journal of Mathematical Behavior 3(2): 147–165. Fulltext at
Thompson P. W. (1991) Getting ahead: With theories. I have a theory about this. In: Underhill R. & Brown C. (eds.) Proceedings of the annual meeting of the North American chapter, international group for the psychology of mathematics education: Plenary papers. PME-NA, Blacksburg: 240–245. Fulltext at
Thompson P. W. (1991) To experience is to conceptualize: A discussion of epistemology and mathematical experience. In: Steffe L. P. (ed.) Epistemological foundations of mathematical experience. Springer, New York: 260–281. Fulltext at
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Thompson P. W. (2000) Radical constructivism: Reflections and directions. In: Steffe L. P. & Thompson P. W. (eds.) Radical constructivism in action: Building on the pioneering work of Ernst von Glasersfeld. Falmer Press, London: 412–448. Fulltext at
Thompson P. W. (2002) Didactic objects and didactic models in radical constructivism. In: Gravemeijer K., Lehrer R. & Oers B. V. L. (eds.) Symbolizing, modeling and tool use in mathematics education. Kluwer, Dordrecht: 197–220.
Thompson P. W. (2008) Conceptual analysis of mathematical ideas: Some spadework at the foundations of mathematics education. In: Figueras O., Cortina J. L., Alatorre S., Rojano T. & Sépulveda A. (eds.) Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education. Volume 1. PME, Morélia (Mexico): 45–64. Fulltext at
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